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Epiphany Day-”Sikoses”

Epiphany Day

On Epiphany day’s Eve, that is, on the 5th of January, the village’s priest goes around all the houses and sprinkles people with holy water known as “kalantzie”. He is accompanied by a child who holds the container with the holy water.

On Epiphany Day, housewives make “kserotiana” which is a kind of doughnut. They used to throw some doughnuts on the houses’ roofs so bugbears known as “kalikantzaroi” would eat and leave. 


In Greek “Sikoses” is the period between the Beginning of carnival on Sunday and the following Sunday that is Shrovetide Sunday. During this period, people masquerade and go round their relatives and friends’ houses. They celebrate by making joking and having feasts.

On Green Monday, people used to go out in the fields and ate mostly vegetables and no meat. This custom is known as “moutti tis Sarakostis

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