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Manos Loizos

Manos Loizos

A great Cypriot composer from the community of Agion Vavatsinias

Manos Loizos was a Cypriot composer (his father came from Agion Vavatsinias and lived in the village and his mother came from Greece), who is considered one of the most important artists in the late years of Greek music.

He was born in Alexandria in 1973. He graduated from the Alexandria high school and in 1955, he moved with his family to Athens so he could study. He enrolled the Commercial College but his love for music did not allow him to complete his studies.

In 1962, he presented himself as a professional composer and recorded the song To Tragoudi tou Dromou (the street song) which was his first and most important success. Many songs followed which became a success such as Delfini Delfinaki, Akornteon, Tzamaika, Deka Palikaria, Koutsi Kithara, Ah Xelidoni mou, Paporaki tou Mbournova, Proti Maiou and many others. Two of his records became golden and two platinum.

Some of his most important records are the following: O Stathmos, Thalassografies, Nahame ti Nahame, Kalimera Ilie, Ta Tragudia tou Dromou, Ta Negrika, Ta Tragudia mas, Gia Mia Mera Zois.

He wrote songs using many styles (Elafrolaiko, Laiko, Ballads, “Neo Kima” etc). Besides himself, lyrics for his songs were written by Lefteris Papadopoulos, Kostoulas Mitropolou, and Giannis Negrepontis. Manos Loizos used to render many pieces of his own music.

During the seven-year dictatorship (1967-1974), Manos Loizos was arrested and questioned by the military authority several times.

He died on the 17th of September 1982 in a hospital in Moscow after he suffered multiple strokes. His dead body was brought to Athens where he was buried.

After his death, a record was made using the songs he had composed for the lyrics of the Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, which were translated by Giannis Ritsos.

The community set up at the entry of the village a discreet monument in commemoration of the great composer.



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