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7711, Αγίοι Βαβατσινιάς
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Φαξ: 24352081

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The community council of Agii Vavatsinias aiming for the qualitative upgrading of the community has already finished enough projects of infrastructure and embellishment.

Some of these projects are the following:

  1. The widening, asphalt covering and configuration of the streets of the community.

  2. The creation of parking places inside the community.

  3. The creation of a cultural center next to the school of the community that accommodates the Museum of Popular Traditional Art at the ground floor, restaurant at the 1st floor and parking places.

  4. The creation of a monument at the entrance of the community dedicated to the musician-composer Manos Loizou.

The efforts of the community council for the upgrading of the community are continued and already new works have been programmed aiming to the transformation of the village in a modern community.


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