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Εxpatriates & Friends

The "Association of Expatriates & Friends" was founded on 25 December 1992, with 92 members initially all over Cyprus.  In its 25 years of presence, the Association had 12 remarkable committees with a two-year term.


The aims of the association are:

  • Progress and prosperity of the village.
  • Identifying, investigating and solving community problems.
  • Preservation of the natural environment and cultivation of environmental consciousness.
  • Maintenance, preservation and improvement of items of historical interest or cultural value.
  • Reviving, spreading and perpetuating ethics and customs.
  • Finding and recording of oral and written intellectual heritage.
  • Collaboration with individuals and organizations to achieve the goals of the association.
  • Any other activity aimed at progress, prosperity and in general development of the village.


The association achieves its goals with the following means:

  • Promoting and conducting research on issues related to its purpose.
  • Acting as a co-ordinating body and cooperation with all local authorities.
  • Promoting charitable activities.
  • Promoting cultural heritage and the natural beauty of the area in order to attract tourists.
  • Finding resources, making donations and accepting benefits from individuals and legal entities.
  • The acquisition by donation of movable or immovable property.
  • Borrowing or finding money for the purposes of the association.
  • Offer voluntary work.
  • Exploiting and instigating responsible government agencies to solve community problems.


Present Committee:
President: Alkis Georgiou
Treasurer-Secretary: Fotini Papavassiliou
Cultural: Dimitris Konstantinou
Organizing members: Panagiotis Heraclides, Panagiota Malaktou.
Members: Leonidas Michail, Lambros Evriviadis.


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